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Geffen Playhouse presents
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March 4 - April 27, 2014
Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater

Written by Greg Pierce
Directed by Randall Arney
"William Petersen & Rae Gray
make an absorbingly off-kilter onstage pair."
- Time Out Chicago
"Critic's choice!"- Los Angeles Times
“GO!” LA Weekly
"A kind of psychological striptease."- Los Angeles Times
"Beautifully directed!"- Los Angeles Times
“A resonant exploration of regret and redemption.”LA Weekly
"Delicious to observe ... Intense!"- Chicago Sun Times
“Riveting direction and fiercely connected performances of its two actors.”
- BroadwayWorld.com

When seventeen year-old Becky is shipped-off to her Uncle Sterling’s Costa Rican home – a sanctuary to which he escaped many years ago – the two lost souls navigate contrasting philosophies and a maze of regret. Geffen Playhouse Artistic Director Randall Arney returned to his old stomping grounds at Steppenwolf and has brought home this intimate and elegant glimpse at two characters seeking forgiveness and finding each other. With sharp humor and authenticity, this West Coast premiere reminds us that escape is easy but redemption is hard.


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    William Petersen and Rae Gray talk about director Randall Arney, rehearsing Slowgirl and the legendary Steppenwolf Theatre.

  • demo_videothumb_opening_scene
    William Petersen and Rae Gray reprise their roles in Slowgirl, originally performed at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre.


Performance Info

The running time for this production is 90 minutes with no intermission and contains the smoking of herbal cigarettes. Please note: Due to the staging of this production, there will be no late seating and no exiting once the performance has begun.