Story Pirates: Create-A-Show

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Gil Cates Theater

"The swashbucklers are expanding their efforts to Los Angeles and are teaming with the Geffen Playhouse, as part of their educational outreach programming, to loot the minds of children in L.A.-based schools and transform the kids into storytellers."  - Read more about the Story Pirates from the Los Angeles Times

Ages 5-12
When the Story Pirates take the stage, you'll be amazed at what happens next...and so will the Story Pirates!  That's because the show they're performing has not been written!  In Create-A-Show, the Story Pirates steal kids' ideas and incorporate them on the spot into an interactive, improvisational show that validates the imagination of every child in the audience.  Laugh as your sons and daughters invent monsters, dancing ninjas, superhero tomatoes- or anything else they call out, and watch as the Story Pirates bring their ideas to life!

You can help the Story Pirates write stories for this show! Click here to learn how you can be a part of the Story Pirates Imagination Club!

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